Artist's Statement

Landscapes with architectural elements fascinate me.  But, it is the texture of old boards, rocks, rusting metal, and grasses that really excite me.  Show me a crumbling wall or an old building and I will grab my brushes with a smile on my face!

Transparent watercolor is an ideal medium for creating texture.  For me, it is texture that creates  a certain reality to surfaces and gives the painting life and depth.

I paint in a fairly realistic style.  I believe that details enrich a painting and provide fresh opportunities for the observer to experience a scene upon repeated viewings.  A realistic painting helps to preserve the history of old buildings and farm activities.  Many of the subjects I paint are taken from photographs I took 50 years ago and do not exist today.

I am a storyteller at heart and almost all of my paintings suggest a story.  Recently, I have started doing a Memories of the Past Series where ghost-like images of people inhabit a landscape to tell a story.  I try to achieve a level of serenity in every painting.

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Although I am retiring from doing summer art fairs, except for one, I am not retiring from painting!  The latest paintings will always be on this site.

This is the summer art fair I am still doing:

Geneva Fine Arts Fair, Third Street, Geneva, IL,

 July 27 & 28, 2019

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